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AJ Fernandez Dias De Gloria 5 Pack Gordo


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Product Description

Featured in the September Luxury Cigar Club Platinum Box. Paying homage to the glory days of Cuban tobacco we present the Días de Gloria or "Days of Glory" by world renowned blender AJ Fernandez. AJ was quoted saying that the tobacco in this cigar is from the the four oldest farms that he owns. The cigar is composed of tobacco from Finca Los Cedros, La Providencia 1, La Lilia and La Soledad, all of these farms are located in Estelí. Some of the tobacco in the blend has been aged up to seven years. You will enjoy a complex experience, with smooth sweet notes, cedar, and spices that go amazing with coffee. This is our new favorite cigar from the AJ line and we were in a rush to be the first ones to release it into your hands.

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